Data Responsibility ID

In line with the law 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, your personal data will be hold and used in accordance with the points explained below.

Usage of Personal Data

The data collected through online job/internship application forms and/or signing up on our website, will be used in accordance with the Human Resources policies of our company and will be analysed as job/internship applications in line with the purposes and matters of law 6698, bullets 5 & 6.

Transfer of Personal Data

The data collected is not subject to any transfer to third parties.

The Method and The Legal Cause to Collect Personal Data

The personal data collected in the abovementioned aim, is processed for the objectives in this clarification text stated under the law 6698, bullets 5 and 6.

Under the law 6698, bullet 11, the individual sharing the personal data holds the rights to:

- Ask whether his/her personal data was processed

- Demand more information on the process, in case his/her data is processed.

- The reason for his/her data to be processed and whether the data is used accordingly.

- Learn the third parties, if exist, domestically or internationally.

- Demand correction in case his/her data is processed wrong or has missing information.

- Demand erasure of destruction of his/her data.

- Know the third parties holding this information or object to a conclusion that is against him/her.

- Demand the loss if he/she sustains a loss because the information provided was falsely processed.


For further inquiries on your abovementioned rights and the usage of the rights provided in line with the law 6698, bullet 11, you can kindly apply to our company via post or notary, enclosing ID and residential information with your signature. Address: DOSAB Çigdem 1 sokak no:23 Osmangazi/BURSA.

Your applications would be replied in max. of 30 days and in case any additional costs occur, you may be charged.

By clicking on the button below, you would be considered that you have fully read and understood the clarification and agree and comply with the procession of your personal data.


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